The Accalia

The Accalia is a computer game written in Godot by myself, with art by Hannah Ward and music by Stephanie Philpotts. Source code is available here and builds will go up on when progress has been made.



The world of The Accalia is based on the current world, where in the near future humans gain the ability to genetically add animal parts to themselves. A large number go down this route, resulting in what is known nowadays as kemonomimi, and additionally a number add human traits to animals, resulting in anthropromorphic animals.
There is worldwide computer virus during this period of time that causes all humans and anthros to lose access to technology - which forces them to gradually build it up from scratch again.

In time, the population splits into two core groups - 'pure' humans and those with animal features. The 'pure' humans eventually force the rest into exile, forcing them to become pirates in order to survive. Around this time, the technology has advanced back to a level close to that of the age of exploration. A few geniuses manage to work out how to get ships to float (I tried to keep it realistic, but I want flying ships).


The game follows a pack of wolves who have a small plot of land in what used to be Switzerland (making them much richer than most anthros!), but mostly rely on piracy to survive. The Accalia is the name of the female pack alpha who looks after their land, and whom the packs' ship is named after.

The player will make their own character, a kemonomimi or anthro freelancer that has joined the ship in order to get started in piracy. More details to come!


Mechanically, the game will be a more complex side-scrolling shooter. The player will have to account for wind in order to steer The Accalia and will only be able to shoot left or right of their current facing. They will be able to choose to fire solid shot, damaging the hull of their enemies, chain shot, damaging their sails, or buckshot to kill their crew. On each mission they will have to ensure that they make enough to repair their own ship and sustain the pack.