Mystic Empyrean Traits

Empyrean Traits is a small program designed to help players of the role-playing game Mystic Empyrean.

Status: In Progress


Mystic Empyrean is one of my favourite roleplaying games. The only thing that I dislike about it is the difficulty of using the trait system. Looking through a long list of keywords to find the exact thing that you want is a pain, especially if there's only one book and multiple people are trying to do this at the same time.

To combat this problem, I decided to employ a fairly basic solution - I copied up all of the traits into a spreadsheet which I could then use to look up traits more easily. In order to get this working with the UI remaining consistent, I had to make use of macros - obviously a far from perfect solution. Still, this did work. If you're interested, you can download the (no longer maintained) spreadsheet here - note: it will not work properly in Microsoft Excel, but will work in all spreadsheet applications which support the ODS standard.

After this, I began work on a solution built in Python. Although Tkinter (the default python GUI toolkit) isn't the prettiest, it does the job and allowed me to get the core logic in place. This resulted in a much more useful program, but one that would need to be run on a developers' machine in pretty much all situations... This version is no longer in development, but is the latest version of the project. You can get it here.

A screenshot of the python application


In the future, I want to move the application to C++/QT5. This will not only result in a much prettier program, but will allow me to distribute binaries instead of users needing to download python and any packages that I need. I may skip this step and go straight to the webapp, however.
My feature wishlist includes: