This is a collection of things that I have written. Far from complete, there are plenty of things that I have yet to upload, that I've forgotten about or that I simply don't wish to publish.

The Accalia

A short story about steampunk anthro pirates! Yes, that is too many adjectives. Incomplete and unlikely to be completed.


The Final Straw

A short story about my Shadowrun character, Serra, and how the campaign has affected her. A lot of wolf social dynamics and pack structure.


Land of Thought

Kino's Journey fanfiction, written for ICSF and exploring the theme of Duality.


Tipping Point

World creation story set on a gas giant, following creatures that live in this strange world.


Upright Devotion

A short story about my Shadowrun character, Serra. She finds a strange shop in San Francisco whilst on a shopping trip!

In Progress

Unnamed Story

A planned novel about dragons.