There are three main parts to me:

A bunch of these things will, of course, spill over onto other pages, but an introduction is below.




I identify as genderfluid and non-binary. This means that how much of me is male and how much is female varies over time, and I never identify fully as either male or female. I strongly prefer that people use gender-neutral pronouns when referring to me.

Gender graph

The sine wave represents how male I am. 100% is fully male, and 0% is fully female. Of course, in reality it isn't so simple, but this is a good approximation most of the time.

In my not-so-extreme case, genderfluidity will often not show up very much. Although most of the time I will appear as a cisgender male, that is not actually the case. Many people don't really understand non-binary gender, but I ask that you respect it even if you feel you don't understand it.


I'm a gamer, both video and tabletop.

Video Games

Most of my video gaming is done on my desktop. Visual novels, story-heavy games, and strategy games are my favourites, but I play a large variety. I rarely play multiplayer, but if you find me on steam I am sometimes up for multiplayer gaming with people I know.


If you have a similar taste to me, here's a small list of recommendations:

A strategy game mixed with a visual novel about a man who wakes up in a forest with amnesia.
Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius and the sequel Sunrider: Liberation Day
Also a strategy game mixed with a visual novel, set in space!
Shadowrun: Dragonfall and the other games in the same series
Roleplaying games set in the Shadowrun universe - Dragonfall is my personal favourite but they're all good!
Frozen Synapse
The purest strategy game I've come across, with an interesting cyberpunk setting.
Kerbal Space Program
Building spaceships! Also fun to break the physics engine.

I also play a fair bit on the PS4, but mostly on whatever free games I get through PS+.

Board Games

I play a lot of board, card and roleplaying games on the tabletop. You can find my BoardGameGeek profile here. In terms of board and card games, I lean mostly towards Euro style games, but I'm open to a wide variety. My favourites are (in no particular order):

Scythe, including the Invaders from Afar expansion
A mix of Euro and Ameritrash, where the key to winning is to balance building your empire with keeping others from doing the same.
Ticket to Ride
Journeying across various nations, set collection + network building. I own USA (+1910 expansion), India/Switzerland, UK/Pennsylvania and the Halloween Freighter set. I plan to get most of the other expansions when I can.
Formula D
Roll and Move racing game. Even if it doesn't sound up your street, you should still try it. It's great! I own the Sebring/Chicago tracks in addition to the base game. I plan to get as many of the expansions as I can.
Terra Mystica
One of the few area-control games I know of that scales automatically, due to the advantages inherent in building next to one another.
Small World
Pure Area Control, with a ton of interesting fantasy races to play. The key is to know when to go into decline! I own a number of expansions and plan to get as many as I can, tunnels in particular.
Although anything with "The Board Game" in the title is generally worth avoiding, XCOM is a notable exception. Honestly makes all the other co-ops I've played obsolete.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

My true love in tabletop gaming is roleplaying games. My collection of roleplaying games is massive, and I've written my own scenarios and systems. I lean towards narrative systems, but I have a habit of writing gamist ones. A full list of the games I own can be found here, but I have a few favourites listed below:

I may add more details to this at some point (including a list of what I have and haven't played, maybe ratings?), but for now I think the list is enough!


I am a massive nerd, both in computing and general nerd culture. I use Fedora Linux for my desktop (ditched Windows after the autoupgrade to 10 fiasco) and spend a lot of time watching geeky TV shows, including anime and a lot of sci-fi!

A few things that have stuck in my mind over the years (in no particular order) are:

Gunslinger Girl
One of the first anime series that I watched, this is a complex and deep series that ends pretty much perfectly. The second season pretty much wasn't worth watching, imo.
To this day I am in contact with friends that I made from my original foray into the series.
Mr Robot
Every once in a while, a series comes around that makes me redefine my scale. Mr Robot was one of these. As someone that actually knows about sysadmining (and a little about cracking as a result), the series constantly amazes me. The creative ways that they show realistic cracking without distracting from the story is truly masterful.
Voices of a Distant Star
As with most Shinkai stuff, actually, this is really well made. It always has a big impact on me.