This is a planned board game about wolves. It will be a competitive co-op game.



In Packmates, players will take on the role of a mating pair of wolves within a pack. As a group, they must work together to ensure that the pack survives, but at the end of the game only one pair can become the new alphas.

Note: I am aware that the concept of this game is based on outdated psychology. I have chosen to use this pack idea as it makes an interesting narrative, even though it would not make sense in real life.


Players will work together to maintain and increase a set of communal stats tracked on a central board. These will be things such as pack size, food reserves, and so on. In the meantime, they will try to earn victory points by increasing their standing within the pack. This could be by leading hunts, pleasing the alphas, or other similar activities.

Each season will provide different opportunities for hunting, exploring, and growth. At the end of a fixed number of years (yet to be decided), the wolf pair with the most victory points will take over as the new alphas of the pack (and therefore win)!