NameFormatPublisher ReferenceNotesSystem
Axes and Ales PDF
Bio Syndrome PDF
Cabal Print
Can Do: A Game of Meeseeks PDF
Chronicles of Skin Print
City of Mist PDF
Cryptomancer Print A game made for nerds like me <3
Dance of the Damned PDF
Dead Things in the Walls PDF
Death of Ulfstater PDF
Dream Askew PDF
Dream Atlas PDF Preview. Sadly, I don't think this is being worked on anymore.
Dystopian Universe PDF Preview
EORIS Print Pretty damn pretentious, but also pretty damn pretty. I might reuse the setting from this, but I doubt I'll ever use the system again, it's just not worth the effort.
First Fable PDF
Flatpack: Fix the Future Print Looks super fun!
Furry Pirates PDF
Great War of Magellan, The Print Got this for free from Orcs Nest. I can see why they were giving it away.
Grip: Black Cover Edition PDF Preview. I don't think this is being worked on anymore
Hellcats and Hockeysticks PDF St Trinians/Mean Girls... In RPG form!
Historia Rodentia Print
Home: Protocol 1 PDF
Intrepid Print I've played with the author a few times!
Intrepid Histories PDF Preview. I was meant to help playtest this, but I never got around to it...
Itras By Print One of my favourites. I like to use the system for more generic surreal settings too.
Kill Puppies for Satan PDF
Lancer PDF Fun mech game
Let the World Burn PDF
Lone Wolf Adventure Game Print Fun for a oneshot, probably not for a campaign.
MOTARUS Print System is too complex, but there are some nice rules scattered here and there which I sometimes integrate into other things.
Mindjammer PDF Very difficult to get your head around, but fun!
Mystic Empyrean PDF My all-time favourite RPG. It really saddens me that it's out of print.
Network Notes PDF
Odd Jobs Print Picked this up from the authors!
Ogg Print
One Last Job PDF Close to perfect as a heist game. Definitely worth a buy.
Owls, The PDF A two-player scenario I wrote, inspired by an encounter from The Monolith from Beyond Time and Space, a Lamentations of the Flame Princess module.
Perfect Unrevised PDF
Phoenix Dawn Command Print Really need to run this at some point!
Place to Fuck Each Other, A PDF
Posthuman Pathways Print My favourite indie transhuman RPG <3 <3 <3
Psi Run PDF
Rookvale Print
S/lay W/me PDF
Savage Worlds: Explorers' Edition Print
Seven Wonders Print
Shadows of Esteren: Book 0 PDF Got it for free, not sure it was worth the money.
Simple World PDF
Spandex PDF Looks hilarious!
Strong Island Print Ran a harry potter game about gangs of wizards with this. Great fun ^^
Tavern, The Print Got it directly from the author. A small, relaxing game.
Teen Witch PDF The only singleplayer RPG I've ever come across! I doubt I'll ever play it because it's very messy, but it sounds cool.
Thirteen Pines PDF
Turbo Dice PDF
Undying PDF
We're All Going to Die! PDF Found this online, looks great but I've yet to play/run it.
Wild Talents PDF
Witch: The Road to Lindisfarne Print So very dark
Don't Lose Your Mind Print EHP1001E Actually a supplement, but still pretty good on its own.
The Seacaves of the Octoclops Print A bit of an odd one. I picked this up for free at... Dragonmeet, I think? Seems to be a simple adventure that's possible to run in any OSR system. A Doom to Speak
Fields of Battle Print D&D
Red Hand of Doom Print D&D
Dragondown Grotto Print 978-0786939213 I mostly keep this for the glorious maps. D&D
Dicepunk: SRD Print If I move primary system from Fate, this is one of my contenders. Dicepunk
Bann too Many, A PDF GRR2800 Starter Adventure Dragon Age
Core: GM Guide PDF GRR2801 I picked most of these Dragon Age books in a bundle on DriveThruRPG. I played a few, but I'm not really that sold. Maybe this is because I never got into the video games. Dragon Age
Core: Player Guide PDF GRR2801 I picked most of these Dragon Age books in a bundle on DriveThruRPG. I played a few, but I'm not really that sold. Maybe this is because I never got into the video games. Dragon Age
Blood in Ferelden PDF GRR2803 Starter Adventure Dragon Age
Engine Heart Print WALL-E: The RPG! Engine Heart
Engine Heart: Power and Light Print Engine Heart
Era: Lyres Print Era
Aether Sea PDF Fate
Behind the Walls PDF Fate
Eagle Eyes PDF Fate
Frontier Spirit PDF Fate
Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone Print Although pretty cool in theory, I'm not sold on mixing skills and approaches. Fate
Marked for Death Print I wrote this! Check out the project page for more information. Fate
Masters of Umdaar PDF Fate
Nest PDF Fate
Psychedemia PDF Fate
Romance in the Air PDF Fate
Sails Full of Stars PDF Fate
Save Game PDF Fun to play, difficult to run! Fate
Secrets of Cats, The PDF Fate
Transhumanity's Fate Print Fate
Venture City Stories PDF Fate
Fate Core System Print EHP0001 My go-to system nowadays. Setting-agnostic and simple to play/run, for most settings I couldn't ask for more. Fate
Fate Accelerated Print EHP0002 Generally not as good as Core, but sometimes the simplicity pays off. Fate
Worlds on Fire Print EHP0003 Fate
Worlds in Shadow Print EHP0004 Fate
Fate System Toolkit Print EHP0005 Fate
War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus Print EHP0014 Fun, but a lot to keep in your head at one time if you wanna stay true to the setting. Fate
Fate Space Toolkit Print EHP0053 Fate
Diaspora Print EHP7004E My first foray into Fate, this is actually based on 2e. An amazing campaign game which naturally tends towards rich, detailed and realistic worlds. Fate
Deck of Fate Print EHP9015 Fate
Fiasco Mobile Android App Fiasco
Fiasco Print BPG005B Don't really need this, but I love Fiasco and wanted to support Bully Pulpit Games! Fiasco
Fiasco Companion Print BPG006B Fiasco
Fiasco '11 Print BPG021B A gift from Steff when I was feeling down one day :D Fiasco
Echoes of War Print Firefly
Firefly PDF MWP7020 Fun system, sessions are much longer than the standard 3-5h due to everyone constantly making references! Firefly
Antagonist Archive Print Fragged Empire
Fragged Empire 1e Print Fragged Empire
Let Sleeping Gods Lie (Adventure #1) Print Fragged Empire
Protagonist Archive Print Fragged Empire
Hc Svnt Dracones PDF Ran this for a group online for a little while. Fun, but it tends to overcomplicate things. Hc Svnt Dracones
Hc Svnt Dracones 2.0 PDF Hc Svnt Dracones
Sound and Silence PDF Hc Svnt Dracones
Hollow Earth Expedition PDF Lost my print copy... Hollow Earth Expedition
Fuck for Satan Print A common intro to LotFP when I'm the one doing the introducing... LotFP
God that Crawls, The Print LotFP
Grinding Gear PDF LotFP
Hammers of the Gods PDF LotFP
Monolith Beyond Space and Time, The Print Inserted this into a high-level D&D game and the players freaked. Love it! LotFP
No Salvation for Witches (NSFW) Print LotFP
Qelong PDF LotFP
Senic Dunnsmouth Print This makes a great Deep Run in Shadowrun. Just lethal enough to give them a sense of danger but not kill them. Different each time, too! LotFP
Slugs! Print LotFP
Tower of the Stargazer Print Tried running this once, but the players couldn't deal with it, sadly. They spent the entire session wandering around uselessly. LotFP
Isle of the Unknown Print LFP0010 LotFP
Idea From Space, The Print LFP0041 Need to run this! LotFP
Blood in Chocolate Print LFP0044 LotFP
Death Frost Doom PDF LFP0056 LotFP
Lamentations of the Flame Princess Print LFP1003 Ridiculous, amazing, but the modules are what make this game. Although I want to see a summon go as wrong as possible one day. LotFP
39 Dark Print Sequel to Mars Colony, also pretty great Mars Colony
Mars Colony Print A great 2-player RPG Mars Colony
A Breath of Fresh Air PDF Numenera
The Sun Below: A City on the Edge Print Numenera
Numenera (1e) Print MCG001 Very difficult to run, but enjoyable nonetheless Numenera
Numenera Starter Set (1e) Print MCG002 Worth the buy Numenera
Love and Sex in the Ninth World PDF MCG022 Numenera
Cypher Chest Print MCG056 A bit questionable value, but I personally find it useful Numenera
Into the Deep Print MCG082 Numenera
Into the Outside Print MCG083 Numenera
The Octopi of the Ninth World PDF MCG086 Numenera
Escape from the Jade Colossus PDF MCG155 Numenera
Numenera: Destiny Print MCG160 Numenera
Numenera Deck Box Print MCG173 Numenera
Tech Dungeon (map) Print Pathfinder
Blood of the Elements Print 978-1601256546 Pathfinder
S.P.L.I.N.T.E.R. Print Backed on Kickstarter, and glad I did! SPLINTER
Sometimes Wondrous Things Print I asked for the mech ^^ SPLINTER
Ugly Things Print SPLINTER
Some Random 4e GM Screen Print Shadowrun
Sprawl Sites Print 07103 Shadowrun
Street Samurai Catalog Print 07104 Shadowrun
Shadowrun Companion Print 07105 Shadowrun
Grimoire, The Print 07106 Shadowrun
Virtual Realities Print 07107 The novella at the end makes this worth it even for people who don't obsessively buy rulebooks like I do :p Shadowrun
Rigger Black Book Print 07108 Shadowrun
Corporate Shadowfiles Print 07113 Shadowrun
Fields of Fire Print 07114 Shadowrun
Awakenings Print 07120 Shadowrun
Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets Print 07122 Shadowrun
Seattle Sourcebook Print 07201 Shadowrun
Neo-Anarchists Guide to Real Life Print 07208 Shadowrun
California Free State Print 07209 Calfree is pretty cool. If ever I run a game set in North America, I'll send them to Calfree at some point. Shadowrun
DNA/DOA Print 07301 Shadowrun
Mercurial Print 07302 Shadowrun
Dreamchipper Print 07303 Shadowrun
One Stage Before Print 07312 Shadowrun
Celtic Double-Cross Print 07315 Shadowrun
Virtual Realities 2.0 Print 07904 I was disappointed at the lack of another novella... Shadowrun
Rigger 2 Print 07906 Shadowrun
Rigger 3 Print 10662 Shadowrun
Shadows over Europe Print 25002 Shadowrun
On the Run Print 25003 Shadowrun
Shadows of Asia Print 25007 Gotta run this at some point! Shadowrun
System Failure Print 25014 Shadowrun
Shadows of North America Print 25015 Shadowrun
Contacts and Adventures Print 26002 Shadowrun
Sixth World Almanac Print 26205 Amazingly useful little book :D Shadowrun
Dawn of the Artifacts: Dusk Print 26400 Shadowrun
Dawn of the Artifacts: Midnight Print 26401 Shadowrun
Dawn of the Artifacts: Darkest Hour Print 26402 Shadowrun
Dawn of the Artifacts: New Dawn Print 26403 Shadowrun
Anarchy Subsidized Print 26406 Really looking forward to running this one. Shadowrun
5th Edition Print 27000 Shadowrun
Beginner Box (5e) Print 27001 Donated most of this to Imperial College Tabletop Gaming Society, but I still have a few parts. Shadowrun
Alphaware Print 27002 Shadowrun
Data Trails Print 27006 Shadowrun
Rigger 5.0 Print 27007 Shadowrun
Court of Shadows Print 27009 Shadowrun
Shadowrun: Anarchy Print 27010 Not perfect, but good for introducing a group. Shadowrun
Dark Terrors Print 27231 :3 Shadowrun
Book of the Lost Print 27452 Shadowrun
The Neo-Anarchist Streetpedia Print 27454 Shadowrun
London Falling Print 27482 The basis of my first SR campaign, which resulted in the destruction of London... Shadowrun
Boundless Mercy Print 27485 Shadowrun
Chicago Chaos Print 27486 Planning to run this at some point, with the PCs involved with IBM. Shadowrun
Sixth World Tarot Print 27511 So pwetty~ Shadowrun
6th Edition Print 28000 When people hate a system, it's really easy to pick up the books for cheap :p Shadowrun
Shadowrun 6e GM Screen Print 28001 Looks really cool, with the trackers and whatnot. Shadowrun
Street Wyrd Print 28003 Shadowrun
Shadowrun 6e Beginner Box Print 28010 Wasn't gonna bother, but it was cheap. And the dice are pretty :D Shadowrun
Assassin's Night Print 28402 Shadowrun
Shadowrun Prime Runner Minis Miniatures 28880 Gotta paint these at some point Shadowrun
Enemies of the Imperium PDF Warhammer 40k Roleplay
Final Testament PDF Warhammer 40k Roleplay
Hammer of the Emperor PDF Warhammer 40k Roleplay
Only War PDF Trying too hard to be a d% system when it's clearly a d20 system. Overall a bit of a mess. It was fun to play for a while though. Warhammer 40k Roleplay
Mage: Ascenscion PDF It's a game called Mage. And you can play a hacker. :D I played a hacker who controlled living things via nanobots in their bloodstream. WoD
Mage: Ascension - How do you do that? PDF An great resource for people, like me, who aren't that great with the system! WoD
World of Darkness PDF WoD

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