NameFormatPublisher ReferenceNotesSystem
Chronicles of Skin Print
Cryptomancer Print A game made for nerds like me <3
Flatpack: Fix the Future Print Looks super fun!
Lancer PDF Fun mech game
Odd Jobs Print Picked this up from the authors!
Phoenix Dawn Command Print Really need to run this at some point!
Spandex PDF Looks hilarious!
We're All Going to Die! PDF Found this online, looks great but I've yet to play/run it.
Dicepunk: SRD Print If I move primary system from Fate, this is one of my contenders. Dicepunk
Secrets of Cats, The PDF Fate
Transhumanity's Fate Print Fate
Firefly PDF MWP7020 Fun system, sessions are much longer than the standard 3-5h due to everyone constantly making references! Firefly
Fragged Empire 1e Print Fragged Empire
Let Sleeping Gods Lie (Adventure #1) Print Fragged Empire
Hc Svnt Dracones 2.0 PDF Hc Svnt Dracones
S.P.L.I.N.T.E.R. Print Backed on Kickstarter, and glad I did! SPLINTER
Mercurial Print 07302 Shadowrun
Shadows of Asia Print 25007 Gotta run this at some point! Shadowrun
Anarchy Subsidized Print 26406 Really looking forward to running this one. Shadowrun
Dark Terrors Print 27231 :3 Shadowrun
Chicago Chaos Print 27486 Planning to run this at some point, with the PCs involved with IBM. Shadowrun

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